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What About Me?

I just found out that my son tells my wife everything that happens in school. From who he plays with to who is nice or not so nice to his daily activities. I’m happy that he has this open communication with my wife. However, what I don’t understand is why he doesn’t share these details with me? 🙂 Every night I ask him specifics about his school day, and he just ignores me. 🙂 A minute later, he say’s “lets wrestle!…you’re a tiger, and I’m a lion…roar!” I guess boys will be boys. 🙂


Ski Season is Over

Ski season is almost done. So this past weekend the little man had to get his final ski run before all the snow melts away. He did a good job his first year skiing. He behaved on the ski lift, conquered the first mountain, and fought through 10 degrees temperatures. Because of all these things that he learned, I am already looking forward to next winter to seeing him improve. 🙂 Now we have to figure out what to do for the next 9 months until we can hit the slopes. I think we can figure something out. 🙂


rararo-santa-imageThe little man talked to Santa for the first time, and boy was he happy. I think the deep conversation about getting presents did the trick. 🙂

Turkey and Pie Please

rararo-pie-imageEach day since Thanksgiving has past, my son asks us, “Can we make turkey and pie?” And my typical response is, “Are you going to help eat it?” And of course he says, “No…you eat it”. 🙂 I am curious to know what he’s thinking. My only logical reason for his request is that he just wants to fatten me up, so he can jump on my belly. 🙂

Ice Skating Class

We signed up our son for ice skating classes, and we couldn’t believe how quickly he and all the other toddlers picked up the sport. The teachers just put them on the ice, and they all just started skating with confidence. In the beginning they did use the skating bar, but towards the end they were skating by themselves. It was truly amazing to see how easy it is for children to learn new things. I guess they weren’t kidding when they say that children are like sponges.

Please Go To Sleep

Last week the little man was sick. So, we kept him out of school. His days were filled with sleeping in as long as he can, and taking long naps in the middle of the day. We figured this would be the best way for him to get some rest and quickly recover. Well, it worked. He his up and running. 🙂 However, now he’s up and running way too much 🙂 Someone needs to get this kid back to bed. Those long naps have yet to go away, and as a result he quickly built a routine for staying up late at night. 🙂 The past 7 nights we have been up playing with legos, disney cars & planes, marvel toys, and puzzles until 11pm! Someone help! 🙂

Ice Skating

This past weekend our son went ice skating for the first time. 🙂 I think we spent about 30 minutes on the ice, but it was well worth it. The little man experienced something new and fun. So, we will be going to the local rink often during the weekends this fall and winter. Oh…and hopefully my skills at ice skating will improve too. 🙂

Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!

rararo-spiderman-02-imageI would have to say that celebrating the little man’s 3rd birthday and halloween makes a great week. The little man loved it. And guess what….??….both my wife and I had a great time too! 🙂 We all ate cake and candy, and dressed up as spiderman (son), a cat (mom), and a pumpkin (dad). As I mention here and there on my blog, having a child makes us feel like kids. This was just one of those weeks where you forget that my wife and I are actually adults. Happy birthday to my son! And happy Halloween to all!

Kids and Trucks

rararo-truck-imageLike many kids my son’s age, he too loves cars, trucks, and trains…basically anything that moves. Whenever he sees these vehicles on the road he points them out….for example, “Look a digger!” Whenever we go shopping he tends to pick out clothes that showcase his love for big moving things. And of course when we go to the toy store he’s looking for toys that have wheels. So, last weekend we attended a fundraiser event that allowed kids to sit in all types of vehicles. Whoever came up with this idea is brilliant. The little man sat in a fire truck, trolley, bulldozer, ambulance van, and recycling truck. This made my son’s day, and I am sure this made everyone’s day as well. Oh, and I also got to sit in a huge dump truck. 🙂 So, if you have an opportunity to go to an event like this I would do it. Your child will be super excited.

The Amazing Spider-Man

rararo-spiderman-imageI use to wonder who let their children wear costumes in the park, and why did this happen? Well, now I don’t anymore. Now I completely understand. 🙂 Last week we let our son be the boy behind the mask. We let him wear his costume in public weeks before Halloween so he gets comfortable in it. We are making sure he does not have a meltdown like last year’s Halloween where he threw his costume on the floor. And my wife and I don’t want to be the parents who get dressed up for this day when their own child is in street clothes. 🙂 So, this year, we double checked, and will probably triple check that the Spider-Man costume will be okay for the big day. So far so good. Let’s see how it goes next week.

Short Term Chaos

A while ago I read an article that said to enjoy having toys all over the house because it won’t last forever. So, that’s what I am doing. I have learned or truthfully still learning….to embrace these words of wisdom. I try to not worry so much about toy cars being under the sofa, children books not on the shelves, puzzle pieces left in the corner of the room, and etc. As the article states…this chaos is only for the short term. So, this is my mindset. I have to believe that nothing lasts forever. I need to just enjoy the moment, and not worry so much. So, the next time I see a lego piece in the bathroom, I will just smile, and put that piece in my pocket. What can I really do…I live with a soon-to-be three year old. 🙂

Morning Music

I love being a parent, and one of the many reasons includes reflecting on your own personal childhood. You begin to think about stuff that you have completely forgotten, and I am talking about the good things…the things that somehow transformed you in a positive way or at least made you smile and happy. You see, when I was growing up as a kid I loved listening to music while taking a shower. Listening to music first thing in the morning always started my day on a good note. Whether I was listening to Michael Jackson, Rock and Roll, or basically 80’s songs, it always put me in a good mood. Now…unfortunately, I stopped doing this, and I don’t know why? However, it’s never too late to start this morning tradition again. And I am not doing it for myself…honestly…I am doing it for my son. I am sure it sounds crazy…why does a toddler need music while taking a shower? 🙂 Well, he already shows interest in music. Whenever we get in the car, he asks for songs. When we are in the bedroom, he wants to turn on the iPod/radio, and dance. So, maybe he too will benefit from listening to music first thing in the mood. It doesn’t hurt to try..right? And maybe we will be the ones that start off dancing every morning, and being all happy and cheery. That would be awesome. 🙂 Oh, and on an educational note, he may pick up more words, and increase his vocabulary. Let’s see how this goes. Wish us luck!

Heat Wave

We just convinced our son that he should wear his Autumn jacket for the chilly weather, and we were hit with a minor heat wave this past weekend. 🙂 So, we are back to square one. The little man is already saying, “I don’t need a jacket”. 🙂 I guess mother nature wants our son to always be right, and my wife and I to always be wrong. 🙂

Three Letter Words

I “try” to introduce a new three letter word to my son before he heads off to school. The goal is just get him to used to pairing letters and sounds. I am by all means not preparing him for the Scripps National Spelling Bee contest. 🙂 So, you would think forming three letter words daily would be an easy task, but honestly it is not. 🙂 It actually requires a lot of thought after you have exhausted all the obvious words. I probably should start looking up three letters words in the dictionary, especially since I am not ready to create longer words for the little guy. 🙂 And just as important, trying to do this activity consistently is a real challenge. Oh man…the challenges of trying to educate your child.

Bouncy House

This past weekend we were planning to hit the beach or go to the museum. We figured if the weather was nice we will take full advantage it, and be outdoors. And if the weather was a little cold, we will introduce our son to an art museum. Well, of course neither happened. 🙂 Our son had plans of his own. He wanted to go to a place that has huge bouncy houses so he can test his vertical. He wanted go through inflatable obstacle courses that challenges his military-spartan-ninja skills. Last, he wanted to go down a slide that allows him to break the sound barrier. So, we took him, and honestly we “all” had a great time. It was awesome seeing our son go completely nuts with all the other children. They were running, jumping, falling, sliding, rolling, and tumbling. And most importantly they were all smiling and laughing…….except for those children that got kicked in the face, pushed back down a ladder, or trampled on. 🙂 So, we will probably do this again, and maybe my wife and I will be less overprotective, and perhaps be as cool as the other parents who felt confident enough to not watch their child every minute. 🙂